Welcome to the new climate
I hope you like it
 Built in mind for cold blooded clients
I hope you like it

Bring your bones
Fill the flesh
Taste the teeth
And eat the rest
From deep within
Bow down To Reptilian

Touch your tongue to a CHEM-TRAIL
I hope you like it
Taste the sugar salt to scale
I hope you like it

Day dream pyramid scheming
I hope you like it
I hope you like it


Crowded cloud
Coughing on a passing pigeon
Contagious contagion
 pitch you new religion
Last will and testament for
SUPER-HEATED x-ray vision

Dual to the death for the
Perfect piece of pretty trash
Complacently complying
with all compulsive lying
Distract us from dying
WITH Medicinal kissing and reapplying

Words in the way
Excess advice
Come on and give it to me
Words in the way
Excess advice
Come on and take it to me

Write your name on a wall
AND Live forever
Have it misunderstood
 By pretentious predecessor
Just like you did WITH ancient ancestors

Butterfly kisses never taste so sweet
Whispers OF wings
Make me weak in the knees
Trees always singing and screaming
About birds and bees
Birds and bees


We grow this hair just to
SHED and sweep it out the door
We go to sleep just to
Wake up more tired than before
We're made from stars
But scared to show our warmest parts
Super-massive Black holes hearts
Too shy to share shooting sparks

Will the worms think my thoughts
when they eat my brain
Who will think their thoughts
When it's their turn will the thoughts BE the same
I'm just so tired

Worms digest everything I've ever said
Disconcerting doubt decomposing where my head bled
Reap the red MAKE the white STILL feel the crawling wriggle in the night
Will they go to bed now they've fed





Everybody wants to be a beautiful corpse

But no one ever makes it far enough to see

What happens to you what becomes of me

Bodies break down peacefully piece by piece

Final relief from life sweet release


Paint your bones black bold bouquet  

Decadent gold decoys cold decay

Feed the dirt for seeds and worms repaid

Memories fade but forgotten feelings still remains

Delayed response brains left betray


Born into the void form destroyed

Well at least i got paper thin skin to keep my insides in

Seep into the soil blood and oil mixing

Become the sun shine upon everyone

Most distinguished death since the rest came undone


I am nothing

I am everything

I am no one

I am everyone



Iron out the wrinkles inside your brain

Make the surface plain for no friction

Non-specific poly-rhythmic rhythms beating scientific meaning into you

I don't know why

We die and disappear

Degrade into dirt

Decompose and endear

I don't know why

We're even here at all

Evolve into this

Significantly too small


Don't be sad nothing even really matters

Tiny tatters fractures off of you

Sow the sorrow plant the seeds for tomorrow

Grow a universe inside yourself


Everyone is evidence of insignificance

Everyone is born an accident

Fabricated surrogated fleeting meaning/feelings

Weeping purpose all over you



Is there more to this life

Than just breeding and buying

I try to defy I try

To live and not just replace the dying


My parents treasure is now my trash

How much longer will my own treasure last

Will landfill filler still feel tranquil

When I'm buried by the past


Is there more to this life

Than just waiting and wasting

I try to defy i try

To die rather than be tied to a rat king


Whats too old against the universe

I've waited for the answers I thought I deserved

Sold myself a soul sucking solution

Well I hope I get reimbursed


Is there more to this life

Than just worry and working

I try to defy I try

To let burn and not earn years of yearning


Eat the cash money

Drink the goldEN honey

Hold and fold me


Mile long receipt

For something you don't need

Do I breath

Just to buy and breed



Heir of the dOg

Inherent this haunted heart

Tear me apart

Depart from common sense

Amassing a mess

For tomorrow's pointless battles

Teach and tattle

Prattle on how you'll be forgotten


Not before everyone you've loved has rotted

Not before everyone you’ve known is dead

Not before everyone you make love with is dead

Not before everyone you know is dead


Bloods gone bad

Sad to say that it's always been that way

Day long ice age

Minimum wage won't care if I am warm

Form to freeze

Please squeeze me from disease and death

Breath by breath

Digress to the point of decomposition


Birds on a wire

Set on fire

Phones grown cold

And the poles shoulders tire

Crawl around my carpet

Ants in my apartment

Break the bank

Sinks that sank

Hold your head

Drink your drink

Place your bet

Your voice is a lit  


In the dark

After dark

Paired off for Noah's ark

My albies are animals

Fish becoming mammals

In between dream and death

Make you cOME and eat the rest

Eat the rest(Repeat)



One final trip around the sun

40 turns ago every last deed has been done  

Nothing left to name and every single name taken

In 40 more i swore my own will be forsaken

Broken back and crooked neck too far bent

Do i eat this month or pay the rent

Scraps for mice would be nice to entice

The rest from breeding

But how do i convince the rest to stop breathing


Distinctive self eviction mass extinction

If I got a quarter a corpse I'd perform my own crucifixion

Here's what you get for working so damn hard

Eternal sleep in your parent's back yard